Fidget Cube Dodgerblue on D harm the heroes bear so many inexplicable charges, even if you do not say, I will take him Give it out Pana La La St. I heard my words, excitement straight shot slap. Little Greek Hello brave, good Oh Do not worry, I will help you find the devil D St. Iraq said flapping a bit shiny big eyes, small stars like a firecracker, like the excitement of straight to the eyes Outside jump. St. Eve s eyes flashed when he heard St. Little Iraq, you forget what I just said it Within a month, you can not go out. brother Obedient Holy night hard to finish, the line of sight turned to us, fidget cube dodgerblue tonight how to use fidget cube I will not open things out. Really Thank you ah Hei hei I am happy to rub the rub with the nose. But, holy night looked at me contemptuously, you can not tell me that Saint and I are twins. I do not matter to shrugged his shoulders, easily said Unless it is a small holy want me to tell you the secret, or I will not say Little hope St. turned his head, eyes looked at me complex. And one more thing and also I looked up a few impatiently holy night. When did this guy become so long winded Holy night looked at the holy Iraq, and then fiercely stare at me and Zheng Zhizhi stare. From now on, you are not allowed to approach St. verse, and if he is hurt again, you are dead Ah, that if we did not mean it I asked in horror. Death, answered the Holy Night firmly. If it is a small St. accidentally hurt by it Zheng Zhaow then asked. Still die, holy night still did not of people, when a stormy, suddenly stood fidget cube fuchsia up from the seat of St., anxious shouted. Little St President I was surprised with the others turned his head, Leng Leng looked at St. Saint sip a lips, gently took a deep breath. Song Yun Er, vice president, water Linglong captain, Yi Lin Xi and Zheng Zhizhao just said, is indeed my decision, I hope this period of time, the two of them can help students deal with school affairs. What The words of St. I like a bolt from the blue, so that children Yun Yun Yun and all children froze in place. Two I know you very difficult to accept my decision, but now is a very high school Fenglin moment, we must unite as one can do the best, I fidget cube 3d hope you can forgive After listening to the words of St., Song Yun Er and quiet water down. Song Yun Er is head down, covered in desperate trembling. After a moment, she suddenly raised her head and shouted to St. Eyre I do not agree I absolutely do not agree with the holy night president of the decision After that, she would not head back cost of fidget cube out of the student union president s office. Serene looked at the water sigh, a look of helpless chase out. 8 It is class time, you want to sneak out Alas Who would dare speak to this heroes more loudly Eat leopard gall bladder it. I face a black, pull the eye brush to pull out behind a Moonlight knife Huh Is the King Kong I did not see the water exquisite little surprise, but cold hum around the arm. Yi Linxi.

heng Zhizhao quarrel was severe, holy night suddenly a minefield, we scared a bomb later Uh just look at the quarrel with the idiot lamp head, actually completely forgot the holy night still next I watched the holy night, holding a straight clap of the two big fist, abruptly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. According to the professional and professional insight of the heroes of the analysis, the two fists implied the value of the grudge is definitely more than 9,999 points It is very thunderbolt fidget cube by ansty ah I thought, not consciously touched his neck still alive in the head. You two all this is really the two of you do Iraq will become like this you are the two victims Holy Night head down, like the sound of the sea like a dark stone ,deep. Small Iraq Holy Night is the coma that he. No, fidget cube dodgerblue no, it s not really the two of fidget cube honeydew us I leaned back as I continued to struggle, I swear, if I had done such a shabby thing hack Pilipala boom Wow what happened Also really thunder Do not even believe me, God. woo woo woo woo A thriller of lightning across the window, the wind outside the window the more fierce, the curtains of the French windows are simply opened, the white light of the dark room to see a pale. Cold white light map in holy night cloudy face, so he looks like just drilled out of hell, like the devil I and Cheng Chih chao like two cats into a dead end of the mouse, his face livid holding tightly, the upper and lo.night president just stand Another slightly trembling voice to take it down. Ah, just now I see the darkness of the stage there are four people, and two Enough Delicate water to stop these voices, but found himself standing in front of Song Yun Er some wrong. She was shivering involuntarily, staring horrifiedly in the middle of the stage. Water Linglong surprised a moment, hurriedly along the eyes of Song Yun Er, look at the background of the central column of the stage Pilipala boom A fireworks once again pierced the night sky, white reflected in the water exquisite face, so that her face looks pale and terrible, her voice is completely uncontrolled trembling up The black note is the devil D Along her eyes, that has always staggered the top of the hemp rope, when there was a black note, a line of silver handwriting in a strange, sparkling in the light Holy night, like I gave you a Christmas gift This semester I will destroy you Devil D The Magic Chapter Confusing illusion, Blindfolded eyes, Gently passing over the fog, Whether to hear the echo of the sounds of nature. Oh Magic of God, ah, Please give them a pair of wise eyes to see the fog of the world. Create it, The reincarnation of reincarnation bloom in your palm 1 Light of the fireworks, also lit up the President of the Student Council s floor to ceiling windows. The big French window at the moment is open, heavy curtains were taken to the north wind blowin.hard to think about what correct I think of it I forget things, that is I can not swim at all Ha ha ha ha what. I I actually forgot I can not swim Wow ah Help ah I can not swim Seeing my head will touch the water, and my elegant dolphin style suddenly turned into crazy frog style, his face livid, hands and feet meal Flurry thump My voice fell, my whole person has fallen into the water. Guru Guru Wow the water is so cool And the water actually so strong Will this heroes washed away. Ooo I do not imagine the strange old man named Lu the same, and a monster in a bird inconvenience on a desert island to spend a lifetime ah I plan to draw I plan to draw Humph I am, but the jade tree, the gods were Yang heroes What kind of swimming, this small CAKE author again Kuangjiao Khan has been corrected is small CASE it , the heroes as long as you can get toes to get moving However, ooo, ooo I have felt the brain hypoxia, and my chest was like the same stuffy about to explode I have to hurry up the water Caixing But really can not be reconciled This time it seems I lost to the dead shrimp it I rushed in the rapids of the water, like a mound, like a grunt to go straight to sink. Help ah Come and save me ah Ooo Guru Guru Hey who That I swam fast over the shadow Who. Is to save me what I see it That shadows is actually the holy Iraq I want to reach out and touch him, but found.

Fidget Cube Dodgerblue k carefully Tick Tick Tick Tick Wall clock pointer fidget cube dodgerblue like a turtle as slowly crawling, just two hours less than the past, the heroes have already been tired of the whole body as a spread like mud to climb the desk Alas there is no mistake ah would have thought that the approval of these documents is incredibly simple, who knows that there are 80 of the contents of the heroes simply do not understand, let alone approved Holy night that guy is superman. Actually every day to approve so many documents. But also to busy the whole heroes, busy advertising when the original student president is also a piece of things can not be ah Snore snore I crawled motionlessly at the desk, eyelids, as in the constant increase in weight, as more and more heavy fidget cube dodgerblue sooner or later I sleep even their own dead or alive do not know. Do not know how long after Come on everything is just beginning Huh Who who is to speak again Hazy, I feel like someone felt a blanket gently approved on me, but my eyelids like Wan Nengjiao to stick to the same, life and death can not open, just gently hum hum, flip the body, then But also fell asleep in the past. Little Greek Little Greek Wake up and wake up I have great news to tell you Woo Oh noisy Was awakened by the sudden call me, impatiently rubbed sour eye, Ting Ting, unable to chair in the back of the desk made.about the conditions I looked at Kou Sha suddenly approached the face, scared face fidget cube dodgerblue blue, like a short brain, as there is no sense Wow There murderous Good terrible murderous From the heroes of professional and dedicated perspective, just like the sandstorm in the desert as ruthless Little Greek Kou Sha, you let her Let go of small hope Just as I was scared like a fossil as stiff, Shengyi tightly clinging to my waist desperately pull and pull, you want me Kou Sha s hands to save down. Little girl Kou Sha impatiently frowned, looked down at the desperately breathing heavily in the St. Iraq, You really like to trouble it in. That being the case, then let me see what you really face It. Seeing Kou Sha s hand stretched out to San Yi s feather mask, I tried to break the hand of San Yi, one pushed him to the ball three groups there, you a few Also made what to stay Hurry to me run But little hope Boss We Little Misty Run Wow ha ha ha Do not be so impatient, you have escaped. Kou Sha ring fidget cube darkred around the arm, watching the ball downstairs to run down the ball three member group and St. Iraq, Yan Lin has just law enforcement team with the students by phone , They have come. what. Student Union law enforcement team. Hear the name of my mind suddenly emerge out of King Kong s face, do not know why, and now I actually would have thought of her Ooo Sure enough, Kou Sha s voice was falling, a group of high school students wearing black uniform.