Fidget Cube Joystick arse, the audience can not be quiet down. Until the water exquisite with law enforcement team appeared in the center of the stage, barely control the scene. On behalf of the drama club tonight, I would like to express my profound apologies to all of you, and today s party is over Song Yun Er s words so just quiet crowd blasted the pot again. No, we are going to see the holy night Yes, just what happened in the end, holy night president of his The audience again focused on the stage of the stage lights and knives, the atmosphere suddenly become dignified. Song Yun Er standing beside the water Linglong forward a step forward, strong for calm and said Will the students in accordance with the vice president said to do, what happened tonight, the students will be responsible for processing, tomorrow will give you an answer Hope that members of fidget cube springgreen the law enforcement committee under the exit, thank you Delicate as the face of water, like a hammer fist, talking voice to the small phase. Students in the student law enforcement team members of the organization, and slowly withdrew from the hall. When the last classmate s back disappeared in the hall door, auditorium sounded a dull sound. I just heard a scream like, followed by a loud noise, and then what can not see the very strange rope, as if what is cut off the weapon And the other end of it is with the lights fell to the ground together, and now it s location, just where is the holy.d they actually have to join the fun of the two You, to the inside of the room to go I do not call you, fidget cube amazon do not come out Holy Night fidget cube joystick without any explanation to me and the same still Zheng Zhizhao state of the room to promote a side door, and then shut the door up. Alas really strange Holy night why so mysterious, let me and Zheng Zhi Zhao hide in this room By the way, just on the stage when he seems to be like this Little hope, Chi chiu, his brother let you stay here, probably do not want to let fidget cube joystick Song Yuner and water Linglong know what happened tonight. St. like to see through the idea of my heart like, suddenly in the next whisper, Because he did not want anyone to know what I was. Oh So it was I wrestled with Zheng Zhi Zhao invariably touched his chin, Sidongfeidong nodded. Uh and many more Just talking is I can not believe that looked at the squat next to me in the holy Iraq, the mouth with the hippopotamus mouth is about the same size. St. slightly smiled, than the index finger against me and Zheng Zhi Zhao whispered boo boo. Oh, the people outside will hear it But you just said he did not want others to see you Do you say What is the secret Speaking of secret word, I suddenly came to the spirit, like to eat Little Red Riding Hood wolf grandmother, The eyebrows. In fact I do not know St. Iraq said, sadly lowered his head, gleaming eyes flashing. I would like to continue to ask, but was Zheng Zhaizhao.

up. Huh fidget cube black and red Is a small holy There are bulb head how are you two How to breathe like this Earth to explode you Is not it fidget cube antsy lab friends is not a small Greek Sheng Yi excitedly desperately flapping two Jingjing shiny eyes, suddenly rushed toward me, arms around my neck and shouted, Song told you Song Yun told me, the principal Call her last night and say we re eligible for the drama contest again Huh Really Listen with the news, my snooze hula all flew to the Clouds I was pleasantly surprised to see San Yi fidget cube cost and Zheng Zhizhao, gently scratched his head, I is now dreaming pinch Oh yeah Bulb head dead guy actually take advantage of this heroes do not pay attention, suddenly shot Chezhu this heroes face, like pulling sugar, like the sugar to desperately pull on both sides I am angrily facing Zheng Zhizhao shouting, but a word that is not a standard helpless, saliva, like waterfall crashed down as the same. Yi Linxi Little St. You see this Zheng Zhaoxiao loosen my face, his face taken out of his pocket three tickets. fidget cube joystick Tickets This is I gas drums to rub Zheng Zhao was squeezed by the raw face of pain, and St. Yi looked confused with Zheng Zhizhao. I just heard the good news, immediately go to the school near the ticket agent point to buy Zhizhao Zhao proudly around the arm, said, I do not know, Feed the bulb, you eat the wrong medicine ah Nothing to buy three tickets to Hayakawa City Why ah Zheng Zhizhao nose with a look of contem.r there Did not take long, St. Suddenly stopped and pulled me behind the cloak. How the little saint I turned to look at him confused, along the direction of his fingers looked at the past Huh So late actually there is a sneaky figure from a three storey building to come out Hey Is the general repair high school thieves Look, you see, that is where Woo again two people I turned to look at the other direction in the past and found a high and a low of the two figures are rushed to the building just walked. Yan Lin, the time is coming, I have to rush to the student union office, absolutely not let that bastard to succeed. Yes, President Kou Sha. Distance came the voice of those two low. My eyes suddenly bass to a light Huh. If I heard the wrong fidget cube lightslategray words, just two people say there will go to the student union office Strange, the two of them ran so late in the school why But it does not matter, anyway, as long as the two of them track, you can find the location of the student union office Wa hahaha What really can not find the shoes, have to not spend all effort Little St., balls trio Our devil action officially started it 2 Walk away I walk I took San Yi and the Gang of Three, carefully behind Kou Sha and Yan Lin behind, walked into a brown building, climb down the stairs layer by layer. Kou Sha president, you get the message accurately Silence has been quietly asked Lin suddenly asked. Kou Sha president Not right like that.ntion the death of my opponent holy night That assistant, I just want to go back to rest, the director does not play out of play, You see, this is just making pictures of the posters, very beautiful, right This gives you Our holy night Ah, really handsome Oh nausea This heroes do not want this kind of woman thing but That against the background of the rainbow in the rainbow of the two handsome beauty really really is that I stink with that stone Scarf wrapped in a sweet kiss the first explosion was the wind seemed to be a natural level of the really really the United States My hand involuntarily took over, so I had to return to God when the embarrassed to say I that I that The toilet over there director for me a thoughtful direction. fidget cubes woo woo woo woo Miss, I ll take you here, you go back and have a good rest. Oh, thank you Oh, the driver brothers After a period I directed the driver a Baoquan, watched his car to leave. That fidget cube joystick holy holy night is really not a little conscience, after the use of the heroes kicked me back, to catch the next notice of their own. Humph This account I will come back I angrily directed at the air waved his fist. Little Greek you finally back Mom I just turned and saw a snowman sitting in the doorway. Little hope is me ah Little St. Snowman stood up at once, the body of the snow flu.

Fidget Cube Joystick down. Nonsense She suddenly swept to my eyes Yi Linxi, is you Is not you do you This time, Fenglin High School drama club in the top ten in the failure is an accident, we have asked the principal to explain to the organizing committee, to win again to participate in the election to vote for the election again, In the final results come out, I hope you can less impatient Well I angrily stare a glance of exquisite water. I just decided to respect her I want to take back just the decision 2 Brush La La With waves of screams, gathered in the bulletin board in front of the crowd quickly and automatically divided into two sides, looked incredibly sweating, still struggling Chuaizhaoqi gas holy night, slowly toward the bulletin board Go. Holy night he was discharged today How can it be Yesterday he received the injury is not light, it is absolutely impossible to recover so soon And he now face so pale he said he ran out of the hospital. Holy night president You should not be in the hospital for treatment How Ranging from exquisite water finish, holy night slowly lifted hand has stopped her, turned around and looked at the water Linglong grabbed the collar, carry in the air boys. Put him down. But the holy night president He told you Needless to say, let him down. Staring eyes looked at the water staring Sharon staring blankly, and finally not convinced roared a cry, let go. The boys thrown to the ground. Youed by a small scarf. Level You have a cold will be transmitted to me. Holy Night to solve their own scarf, around my neck. His scarf is so long Two people around the neck is just good too Xie This heroes just looked up to say thank you to the holy night, even found his face in my five centimeters away from me, I have felt his breathing temperature. How close so close to this hero also not accustomed to that that popular word is called What ignorant A thumping fidget cube joystick thump I actually have heard their loud heartbeat sound, really hell, this time my mini heart also want to play a march a fragmentation Heroes how can so easily tense rivers and lakes children, what big storms have not seen Yi Linxi, calm Steady A thump of thump. Holy night, you can start shooting Director of this cry really saved my life, I like to turn around and ran like an electric shock. Ah cough Keke I forget the holy night and around the same scarf, he does not move, I was anxious to run, the result is I was like a duck caught throat, face up into an eggplant. Stupid Fatal Holy Night gently off my neck scarf, if nothing had happened to walk through my side, However, as the scourge of life in general you are very long. Keke cough death holy night, you Card, good, very good, Holy Night you play too good cut The director s ass is really first class What is good, I Yi Linxi is not playing with.