Fidget Cube Red un away, the door was opened fast St. Ejiao anxious fist pinch tightly , Forehead are leaking a cold sweat, little hope, please you, absolutely can not let them find me San Yi I quiet down, turned around and looked confused to look nervous St. Iraq. Is my illusion I feel he is afraid, and definitely not simply afraid to be caught and then punished so simple Well, we follow this heroes, we escape from here I said, pointing to the last demon D escape the window. Alas First, no matter how much, not just St. Iraq, even the rest of us, was caught there is no good time too ah First to escape to say it I thought, the first rushed to the window, turned and facing Zheng Zhaizhao and the trio waved. The light bulb, the trio, hurry up, we take a few ladder, and then the next St. it is fidget cube matthew and mark mclachlan good Bump bang Bump bang Bastard fidget cube red Actually to the door to lock it Hurry to knock the door Outside the drama club, came law enforcement team monster army roar. I ride on the neck of Zheng Zhizhao, lying in the window, looking at the five of us to take up the ladder of the man staircase straight small strokes fidget cube mediumpurpul of the beck and call. Little saint Hurry up Little St. bite the teeth, climb down the ladder. Bang The door was knocked open, the monster army flapping all the influx of drama club. Ah I see Is Yi Linxi A monster suddenly pointed out from the window half of the head I yelled. Woo bad Or they found it Run away Chapter of the Tower 3 Huchi Huchi Hu.a cover your mouth You are a frog Has been here to quack quack Outside the people come in Alas Smelly bulb, actually dare to say that the heroes are frogs Well, but for someone outside, you are dead Holy night president See you is really good, just really scared me This Jiao Di drops to win the honey to the sound, one to know is Song Yuner. Well, how about the party. Smelly stone really is not covered, Song Yuner blatantly send the autumn wave, even hiding behind the door I felt, but he was completely unmoved. Evening party, ah, I and the organization to return to the bedroom to rest ah, Song Yun Er see holy night is not on the road, some lost to hum. Tomorrow, the students will be organized law enforcement team to open a meeting, I will talk to you about this evening s situation. Holy Night is still cold and said. Yes, holy night president. Water Linglong firm to answer. To the president, there are things I do not know if you should not say Song Yun Er said here, the voice suddenly become hesitant up, We are in the auditorium on the stage fidget cube red picked up this and I exquisite doubt, This evening things and Yi Linxi a relationship what. Song Yun Er that girl in the end picked up what. Actually so sure that this heroes and a relationship Even so, that Zheng Zhaoxuan should also not get off ah. The more I want to heart more unbalanced, simply open the mouth of the mouth of the lamp head is one fidget cube red Bulb head surprised eyes stared at me, desperat.

ight are in deep thought. Ah I understand I suddenly enlightened like clapping his hands, his eyes lit up, No wonder drama club president of wood logs and secret library Xiaoru confession diary have been torn, it must be the devil D to study what happened seven years ago stolen There murderous Yi Linxi how do you see these two things Holy night black face to force forced me over. Do not be so angry holy night president I have to find clues to the devil D ah Then you found it No moron Ah Stinking stone Why fidget cube joystick do you fidget cube shop call me St. night s face stretched like iron, staring at me hum hum, turned around and looked at the principal confused. On the principal, I heard that Fenglin High School experienced seven years ago, a turn of events, like a curse as a year as a year, is that refers to this thing The headmaster sighed, nodding his head. Yes because Fenglin High School drama club in the province of Xinghua considerable fame, so as a high school drama Fenglin high school drama characters no reason not to be concerned about all the people.As a result, Failure and missing, then in the whole province of Xinghua caused a sensation And this time, if the long awaited general high school Fenglin high school on the outside say that should not be said, Maple High School will be a great impact Well, holy night holy night has not finished, the principal suddenly stood up from the stool interrupted him, carrying his hand of the dead, Deadly arm around his neck, pulling the throat desperately screaming woo woo woo woo I Yi Linxi, nicknamed the invincible thunderbolt, the gods of justice, justice and justice, only one weakness is family genetic hemifacia. Bang Oh Alas bastard holy night, count you ruthless This guy saw me crazy look, actually apart from anything else, arm waved back, facing my forehead to the strokes of this heroes stunt head split This guy that does not know Lianxiangxiyu it. Thump My forehead braved a ray of smoke, the whole portrait was crushed as the frog splash fell to the ground, his eyes turned into two big black fork Call is really a stupid Holy Night on the ground looking at me, reluctantly sighed. Warmth warm Strange now is not winter Why do I feel so warm dizziness, dizziness to continue Do not know how long, I struggled, eyes opened a seam Ah holy night He actually took off his coat off to cover my body, wearing only a white sweater, holding me against the north wind down the hill to go A thump of thump. The original Holy Night arm so powerful even the last time Zheng Zhizhao carrying me to escape, the shoulder is a bit swinging, fidget cube in india but he was effortlessly holding me in the arms And, although usually always a cold face, but his arms are really warm and his heart, like a beautiful drum, rhythmically beating Coupled with a hint o.s now a risky element of Maple High School, absolutely can not give her any opportunity to do anything in school Yes Four hippo mutant looks like a monster guy replied loudly, ran out from the water behind the exquisite. Wow Really worthy of your men, and she looks as strange as you I was surprised to stare at the eyes of the Monster Legion , can not help but say. Pilipala boom Water Linglong hear me from the heart of the evaluation, angry hair, like the hedgehog as all erect up Yi Linxi You this stinky girl Live tired of you Monster head hair Biao I looked at the water Linglong distorted face, screamed in horror, turned and slipped it Oh, ah You give me a few chase that stinky girl Hold her, kill no amnesty The air spinning with exquisite like an orangutan angry roar, but this time, the heroes have already slipped far away Humph The water is also too small to look down on this exquisite heroes, and alone that a few monsters wanted to catch me It is too naive it Wow ha ha ha ha I struggled to run forward, while triumphantly turned to want to fidget cube test enjoy what I was far too far left the four dying small dots Yi Lin Xi You stop me fidget cube red Do not run what what. The water exquisite monster army actually is tightly behind the heroes, but also to catch up Alas It seems that I underestimate the strength of these guys ah Miscalculation miscalculation But this is still not enough Look at the speed of my leopard Chong ah ah ah Kacha Oh Hey

Fidget Cube Red chi Huchi I desperately Biezhu gas, the body leaning against the hills on the back of the big maple tree, carefully stretched out his head, monster army over the direction of exploration over the probe. Woo Fortunately, no recovery Began to run away, we all six people accidentally ran away. But just really good insurance, but for the heroes quick reaction, almost to be caught by them But they want to move against this heroes, but also tender point Wa hahaha Hiding for most of the day, see fidget cube limegreen the monsters of the guys have not chase over, invincible heroes of the world Yi Linxi again resurrected Laughing so arrogant be very happy. Whoa Who s talking As I triumphantly, from behind me came a cold voice, scared my ponytail are almost erected. Well. The cold voice softly hum, did not answer. Ding Good good cold I fidget cube red cling to their own, but still can not stop the upper and lower teeth straight fight Alas in this world, can be simply put a person cold all over the goose bumps from the guy, in addition to that guy who will. Holy Night What time do you like to hide Hurry out I angrily shouted in the direction of the sound came. Blah Blah A burst of elegant footsteps, holy night from a hillside shadow came out. I ve been here all the time. The most appalling is that this guy even placed a stinking stone face, looks still so handsome Oh, I do not know how to look at this guy Humph But really do not understand.words, like a satellite in my mind, like wandering around Turn I was almost crazy Asshole holy night This guy must be applied to me what Yaofa, so I can not forget how the situation last night, there there is the feeling of the kind of heartbeat A thump of thump. Wow Wow Wow Wow Again Again The thought of that feeling, I I feel high blood pressure, dizziness, breathing are some difficulties woo woo woo woo In the end in the end what happened This feeling This feeling is so terrible Ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah I could not help but to stand up to Teng, hysterically shouting Woo there are murderous I suddenly turned around and saw Ah ha ha ha Is Zhang teacher Long time no see ah Ha ha ha ha Thunder and lightning Thunder and lightning Woo you this guy you know we have not seen Zhang teacher stared at me, teeth. Wow yeah Too horrible Zhang teacher s face actually like Lei Gong, the eyebrows are all erected in the hands of the pointer holding creak creak straight, head still smoke Oh, right, now happens to be the World Cup, my father has collected the David Beckham of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Oh, next time I steal a piece for you, how s it Zhang teacher trembling staring at me, eyes are holding out the bloodshot eyes. Class students are all secretly laughed out. cut Laugh what laugh. This heroine has always done.