Fidget Cube Rosybrown ater is just sitting on the ground looked at me exquisite smile and shook his head sadly. Yi Lin Xi you really can not save Hateful it is too abhorrent What a joke I Yi Linxi, but the jade tree, the gods for the justice of the woman Can be said that the King Kong did not save the heroes Well Is simply nonsense Month pet Chong ah I am depressed to sit in Internet cafes, the command of my role in the game, waving a knife to kill into a group of monsters. I cut cut I split the split Alas Today, this heroes super bad mood, this time my brother in the game under the Sakura has chosen not to Depressed really depressed die me Wow yeah Drops Huh QQ is ringing I listlessly cut out from the game screen, point the computer screen in the corner of the head shaking desperately. Angel baby small Xixi is it you. Xiao Ying hit your phone can not find you Xiao Ying miss you Oh woo woo woo woo Month Beloved Huh Xiao Ying is ah Obediently Oh, do not cry cry Do not mention it The heroes of the phone has long been the school monsters were confiscated Angel baby wow monster Do you have any monsters in your school cool Month s pet you silly it. This is what good The heroes depressed this time was a first two big Ugh Angel baby small Xi Xi is not happy ah Hey, Xiao Ying is not very happy recently, I am the best friend of a Matilda to live to the game to the angel Street 23, which went, as if not very happy M.t irradiation, the ring is a slight trace of the slightest purple light, do not know what the ring is made of material, as if crystal clear look The most chic is that the front of the ring carved A fidget cube coupon very delicate rose Huh This ring really want to give me I looked up and looked surprised people ask purple. Of course it is true the offical fidget cube ring has been looking for it to find the next owner of the master for a long time The next owner What do you mean I was surprised tilted my head looked completely covered with robe cover the purple people. Well, do not ask too much you will understand remember, do not lose this ring Oh Oh Oh, good That being the case, that heroes on the blunt I said, grinning happy to ring in the index finger on the set, as a gift, as to take advantage of this opportunity to let the Heroes and the Supreme You fidget cube rosybrown worship a handle, sworn brothers From the blessed to share, there are difficulties with when the high sense of how ah Wow ha ha ha Oh do not have to sworn, as you send me the same thing as your body Purple people said softly with a smile. Just send me something I pout the whole body touched the upper and lower touched, and finally took out from his pocket a goose soft stone goose handed the hands of purple people. This heroes put this to you This is the heroes picked up on the road, was originally intended to make it into bullets after the whole person s time, but since the Supreme.

me Well, Zhizhao brother I looked at Zheng Zhi Zhao braved the smoke of the head , Holding the stomach laugh. Less nonsense, then how I did not take you to take the examination of duck eggs good Zheng Zhaizhao looked at me about to laugh rotten face, angry dancing shouting. Uh and so on Why the light bulb to take the exam, I did not come to participate No, I should not know the final exam to the news Hey Bulb head Since you know to the final exam, why not tell me ah I angrily stared Zheng Zhi Zhao, loudly questioned. What I think the trio told you ah Zheng Zhi Zhao indifferent to pouting to answer. Ah we thought you told the boss, ah The trio looked Zheng Zhaizhao, Leng Leng said, Do not say we did not say who boom Looked at the four of them look at a loss of expression, my anger as the volcanic magma erupted out I have grabbed the hands of teachers in the pointer Zhang, furious chase Zheng Zhaizhao and three gangs fidget cube rosybrown in the office full house to fly in the room, run Even if I told you to final exam, you are also great test of a two hundred and five, not as cool as it is zero Zheng Zhizhao while holding his head to escape while shouting. Less nonsense than I do not even have to test the test better Mom said the final exam if the difference is worse than the period, it is necessary to deduct my pocket money next year Are you a few harm Hurry back to me money I waved the pointer, grimace in pain. Wow Bos.r there Did not take long, St. Suddenly stopped and pulled me behind the cloak. How the little saint I turned to look at him confused, along the direction of his fingers looked at the past Huh So late actually there is a sneaky figure from a three storey building to come out Hey Is the general repair high school thieves Look, you see, that is where Woo again two people I turned to look at the other direction in the past and found a high and a low of the two figures are rushed to the building just walked. Yan Lin, the time is coming, I have to rush to the student union office, absolutely not let that bastard to succeed. Yes, President Kou Sha. Distance came the voice of those two low. My eyes suddenly bass to a light Huh. If I heard the wrong words, just two people say there will go to the student union office Strange, the two of them ran so late in the school why But it does not matter, anyway, as long as the two of them track, you can find the location of the student union office Wa hahaha What really can not find the shoes, have to not spend all effort Little St., balls trio Our devil action officially started it 2 Walk away I walk I took San Yi and the Gang of Three, carefully behind Kou Sha and Yan Lin behind, walked into a brown building, climb down the stairs layer by layer. Kou Sha president, you get the message accurately Silence has been quietly asked Lin suddenly asked. Kou Sha president Not right like that.autiful. Xiaoqiang looked up and down I circle, pointing to a shop next to, Here are very popular things Oh, I heard a lot of stars like it. Oh This heroes can never be out of fashion circles ah Before I started, it was the first to promote the shop, which is really a lot of glittering East. Huh This ring, a personality, I like A carved vintage European style ring in the window of a corner, attracted my attention. No You want to wear this Zheng Zhizhao unthinking to jump out, holding a tacky home pearl necklace in front of Akira Akira. Bulb head, you really have aesthetic talent ah I am surrounded by arms squinting looked Zheng Zhizhao, I will not wear dead Boss boss, things are ready Zheng Zhizhao not angry, rice balls and squid ran over, carrying a large bag of things in hand. Chocolate, cosmetic bags, eye drops, handkerchief, perfume There is a stone. fidget cube lightsteelblue This stone is doing ah I took in the hand weigh a bit, fidget cube demo really enough weight Used to give the old, old ambassador bitter, Kulu dollars what When necessary But also to make bitter meat count. I heroes ah This group of pigs head, let me use this old trick, really invincible Target appears Xiaoqiang called, everyone has increased their vigilance. The following to see you, remember you shoulder the glorious and great mission Zheng Zhizhao patted my shoulder, put all the props handed in my hand, a wave, We withdraw Boss all things carefully Ball three group gently called one, followed by Zheng Z.

Fidget Cube Rosybrown ntion the death of my opponent holy night That assistant, I just fidget cube orengered want to go back to rest, the director does not play out of play, You see, this is just making pictures of the posters, very beautiful, right This gives you Our holy night Ah, really handsome Oh nausea This heroes do not want this kind of woman thing but That against the background of the rainbow in the rainbow of the two handsome beauty really really is that I stink with that stone Scarf wrapped in fidget cube rosybrown a sweet kiss the first explosion was the wind seemed to be a natural level of the really really the United States My hand fidget cube rosybrown involuntarily took over, so I had to return to God when the embarrassed to say I that I that The toilet over there director for me a thoughtful direction. woo woo woo woo Miss, I ll take you here, you go back and have fidget cube for sale amazon a good rest. Oh, thank you Oh, the driver brothers After a period I directed the driver a Baoquan, watched his car to leave. That holy holy night is really not a little conscience, after the use of the heroes kicked me back, to catch fidget cube rosybrown the next notice of their own. Humph This account I will come back I angrily directed at the air waved his fist. Little Greek you finally back Mom I just turned and saw a snowman sitting in the doorway. Little hope is me ah Little St. Snowman stood up at once, the body of the snow flu.other, I forgot to tell you, last night I saw Puxiu high school people. Puxiu high school Heard high school word, holy night s tone was serious, they have not on how No However, the small Greek is to protect me and general high school students winter swimming competition Protecting you She does not get in trouble, how to protect you Anger anger Alas Holy night this bastard Actually see the heroes so flat Really want to stink at his mouth and struck a punch Hush do not twist here and there, will be found Zheng Zhizhi tightly grabbed my hand, stared at me a warning of the eyes. But my brother I have a guess, do not know whether to say St. Iraq, some hesitant to say softly. Little Iraq, you speak. That because the general high school has been in the high school and Maple High School fidget cube logo competition for top ten places in the province of Xinghua, they always want to get RINBOW treasure map and key you say, demon D will be high school Of the people Demon D is the general high school people. As well as RINBOW s treasure map and the key that is not the drama club that broken cabinet hidden things, right I heard the words of St. Iraq, Zheng Zhizhao and I surprised the eyes were staring boss, can not wait to be able to cross the wall through the ears, listening to St. Iraq to expose the truth. Silence silence For several minutes, holy night and holy yi are no longer speak, the air in the room as if.