Fidget Cube Saddlebrown In front of the face of a serious look at me. The snow has a mission to make small holy happy, and I Yi Linxi heroes, although born in the drama family, but my dream is to become a policeman, to complete the heroes of the world and in addition to strong and weak mission And the small St., you must have your own mission ah Therefore, a small St. is not superfluous This hero is really the first time that sensational words. Little hope St. I Leng Leng looked at me, eyes flashing desperately. Quiet quiet quiet How how is it. Why is St. s face suddenly so close to me His breath gently sprayed to my face, hot and my lips and St. Eris rose actually the same as the lips affixed so tightly I was shocked by the actions of the holy ETI s sudden crashes of the brain completely stunned, can only stare at him From the sky falling on the snow, naughty fall on the long eyelashes of St. Iraq, in my face flutter flash flutter flash. Thump Strange, how the surrounding world has become a quiet, so I can only hear their own shortness of breath, and like the drums of rock and roll as intense heartbeat Wow small small holy Are you crazy What are you doing ah I suddenly wake up, forced to open the holy Iraq, like the only octopus like flapping thunder panic to the back Little hope, how do you Face suddenly become a good red Oh St. Iraq pointed to my face, happy smile said wastehis hand as heavy as iron can not move, and the face of St. is also becoming increasingly blurred vision. Suddenly a lukewarm object affixed to my lips, my chest pain is no longer so intense, and then I seem to be dragged to the shore. Keke cough Keke cough Air I finally breathe the air I pant with breath. Ooo Thank God Oh, little Greek Little Greek How are you Keke Sheng Yi while breathing heavily pushed me ashore, while worried to ask. I I m okay I looked awkwardly, dumped the wet hair, red holy Iraq grinned, Today, if not you, the heroes may be necessary Do not say that they are useless after fidget cube yellow the Oh St. Yi Yi Zheng, Leng Leng looked at me, his face showing fidget cube saddlebrown a moving smile. Little hope Hey I smiled and rushed to the thumbs of St. Iraq, Well, okay You have to bubble in the water how long ah Come on Oh Good St. Iraq fidget cube saddlebrown smiled and nodded, his hands on shore ready to climb. Uh Yes, do not know how the kind of shrimp that stupid here from the pier just a short distance, that guy should not know what happened just now. Hey this Yehao, as long as the heroes as soon as possible, not by his discovery has been ashore, in the end I swim in the water for a long time, is not the heroes themselves the final say Wa hahaha I really is a genius ah Well, just do it Little St thump As I turned to prepare to call on the holy Iraq together to leave, I suddenly found that should have been ashore the holy Iraq suddenl.

uld like to come out Stinky stone, not the whole I can not reconcile him. Has not been a long time to call my mother, although I know that fidget cube white and blue easy home three strange is living without my Happy days, I still think they are a little bit. The holy night also set fidget cube mediumturquoise out what the law of ghosts, are not allowed to use the phone in school, I had to go outside to find a public telephone. Easy Lin hope Behind me suddenly heard a familiar call, this familiar feeling I trembling to look back not good Is the old enemy King Kong And her monster law enforcement team Yilinxi You guys This morning actually dare not attend the opening ceremony Do not know if this is a violation of the law Open opening ceremony I looked confused big King Kong, eyes flapping the two, Fenglin High School school it What This guy, today is Fenglin high school days, you actually do not know King Kong eyes wide open, can not believe to look at me. Huh Is that right I scratching my head and looked at the students carrying luggage shuttle in my side. Oh really Yeah Today the school people suddenly a lot more Oh Woo you stupid Give me obediently punished it Said King Kong that fleshy big palm on the top of my head stretched over What Punished I heard these words, I like the conditioned reflex, like do not want to turn around and run Yi Linxi You give me stop King Kong with a team of monster boys behind me desperately shouting. I looke.the janitor in the back with me and Zheng Zhizhao, his face was like a splashed gloomy Black ink, Kacha look to us in the door. Uncle, and so on Into the door of the St. Iraq surprised and quickly folded back, Uncle, the two of them are my friends Friends Uncle heard the words of St. Iraq, was shocked, St. night president, how can you make friends with the public enemy of Maple High School Demon D high school on the hazards and destruction of Maple, you do not know, we Absolutely can not tolerate fidget cube lawngreen the two scourges in the fidget cube saddlebrown school for all kinds of evil ah Hey Dead old man What the scourge of the scourge You said enough is not ah Zheng Zhizhao finally could not resist, and lying on the iron gate on the gatekeeper uncle screaming angrily, tell you, we are today To investigate the clues of the devil fidget cube purchase D, to prove our innocence Uncle heard Zheng Zhizhao, then burst into a burst of laughter, Well I am in Maple Leaf high school library for decades when the janitor, and you say is true or false, do not I listen to not Come out In this fidget cube saddlebrown case, then you put us into ah I anxious, along with Zheng Zhizhao lying on the iron gate ghost shouting ghosts. it is good What Good Ah Before we return to God, uncle brush friends look at the iron gate opened There is no mental preparation of me and Zheng Zhizhao, a center of gravity instability, splash and the ground came a love KISS. You two small things, today I look at the holy night president s face, let you come in Fenglin.the roar, the forehead was flying over the mud blocks and stones smashed red. I m furious I Yi Linxi heroes more than fifteen years of rivers and lakes, but also never received such a wronged gas Now, I really can not wait to throw a bomb to raid here Huh. Wait What is that. Just as I was ready to die like a hero standing on the podium, like a fork, a basketball so big shadow suddenly flew toward me flying over Is it comet to hit heroes. Be careful Before I react, holy night suddenly rushed to hold me tightly in the arms Bang With a muffled, war torn general repair high school playground, suddenly quiet down, a silence A thump of thump. At the moment, my brain is frozen like a cement, eyes straight pestle in place, while a touch of rose flowers, my heart calm uh, no, it should jump more fierce, and feel the heart Have been jumping to the throat It felt like a century after so long, holy night finally gently pushed me, reached out and touched the back spoon. boom Blood blood Holy night bleeding Watch Holy Night was red blood stained fingers, I feel like a sudden feeling in the mine hack Yi Linxi heroes, family genetic haemolymphemia the outbreak Wow ah ah ah ah ah Blood ah Blood ah Bleeding Bleeding ah Help save lives I do not know when, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly rushed to the podium, tightly grasp the podium jump up and down on me. Ah, bald cats Zhaizhao Zhao did not understand how the matter, the hand has been bitte.

Fidget Cube Saddlebrown us see holy night, please No Holy Night has just finished treatment Now rest You can not go in Woo the door of the animal girl in the news is really well informed, my forefoot to the holy night back to the hospital, their hind feet to the The most frightening thing is that a group of girls outside the door is a group of St. Justin s agent and the hospital security to coax a group, the gas had a chance to breathe, the next batch again Heard the screams of one after another outside the ward, holy night lying on the bed, frowning turned the body. Oh Ha ha holy night president, you eat apples I said, while his face to a crooked look at the apple cut respectfully handed the night before the holy night. Saint face lifeless lifted his eyes and looked at me, cold hum hum, turned his head to go. Eh St. night president does not like to eat apples That pears This pear looks good to eat the way ah hey hey hey I want you to eat, this heroes help you cut I pointed to the bedside table on the holy night FANS who sent the Flower and Fruit Mountain, or Asked graciously. Holy night gently sighed, impatiently turned his head, staring at me sharp. Yi Linxi, in the end you want to say Woo cut into the question I laughed and scolded scratching his head, my fidget cube saddlebrown heart suddenly gloomy down. In fact, nothing put the cockroach in the lunch box is indeed the heroes do not, but I was unintentional I do not.ship of the object, this will not change because she is not a demon D. And if she continues to lawlessness, It will be subject to the 13th rule of the sanctions. Woohh Holy Night said these words, the tone suddenly pulled Lao Gao, as if deliberately said to listen to the same Really damn Then my brother, if the small Greek to find the devil D, brother, you will not cancel her dictatorship object A thump of thump. This This problem is too critical Dictatorship object is simply like everyone shouting across the street rats, the kind of day it is too tragic Ooo Well I will consider Cool, great what Finished Heard the answer of holy night, I actually happily forget, loudly called fidget cube gray out Who on the outside holy night shouting, brushed about the force opened the French windows. But this time the heroes have been and Zheng Zhizhao slipped it Wow ha ha ha ha Finally know the holy Iraq unharmed, but also inadvertently know a big good news God ah You are so handsome YES Drawings in general high school is not it Hey that would like to What. General high school Waiting for the heroes slack toys fidget cube Dajia visit it Wa hahaha The Hermit s Chapter Demon heroes of the tragic night line Hidden mystery of the screen, Endure the test of loneliness, Faint foreboding future, Whether to guess the world tomorrow. Ok Mysterious people, ah, Please for them to achieve the long cherished wish before the millennium. Guide it, The ancient prophecy.