Fidget Cube Seagreen standing next to me was shocked. I guess brother must not want to lose the game today, so he rushed to the Grand Theater of the Little Greek Little Greek You must help me find my brother Must take him back to the hospital safely Ooo Do not worry, I ll go to him now Click I forced to hang up the phone, a second without hesitation on the rushed out of the communication room Why is this so That damn demon D actually framed this heroes twice, in the end what motives. Also Why do I hear the Holy Night accident I will feel so heavy Heart is like what was grabbed the same, so sad You want to race where you go Is from the doorway through the doorway Jiang Xue Yin, I saw the ass like a fire from the communication room rushed out, surprised to loudly asked. Snow I pantically grabbed the arms of Jiang Xue Yin, exclaimed, listen to me, holy night out of trouble, food poisoning He just ran out from the hospital, is estimated to be here to catch you Song Yun children to go with them to say, let them with the Organizing Committee of the people to map our high school in the order of playing But small hope, I Do not me and me Go Now is an emergency Jiang Yueyin words ranging finish, I whipped about to turn the direction of the DPRK s door rushed out. Why just Jiang Xue Yin s eyes make me feel that some hidden secret 2 I guess brother must not want to lose the game today, so he rushed to the Grand Theater of th.te, really How to say that this hero is also the holy night president of the brothers ah It s not a matter of face Trembling trembling water Linglong tightly holding a fist, his eyes were red red red. Yi Linxi Do you think this is fun Do you think you stay in such a rambling chaotic campus really happy I will not say anything big, but I saw that the holy night to the president Rectify the things of the school, urging the implementation of the 13 rules, how much effort to pay Although these days some confusion However, the holy night president is definitely not lax these days, holy night president has been to stay Office of the processing instruments, do the schedule, has been a few days and nights did not sleep a wink what. Holy night ah No, now is the holy Iraq he actually stayed in the office for several days but also no rest I can not believe the staring eyes looked at the water Linglong, throat suddenly could not tell the choked. Yi Linxi What Looked at the water Linglong angrily look, I started whole body because of guilt and some trembling. Yi Lin Xi If you are really going to help the holy night president, please do something I I alas This heroes do not you nosy I shouted angrily, suddenly rushed forward, the block in front of the water Linglong knocked to the ground, ah I have some regret, turned his head want to pull up the water Linglong. But the w.

Extremely lucky, the north wind along the window did not shut tight sewn into the curtains, set off a corner. Zheng Zhizhao and I carefully squatted down, tightly attached to the terrace wall, just to hear the voice of the room to speak. My brother you do not blame the small Greek fidget cube white She was really dangerous, I jumped into the water to save her Can not be wrong wrong This This is indeed the voice of St. Iraq So, he has been fidget cube seagreen all right. Wow wow wow Great St. Iraq nothing St. Iraq nothing ah Hum ooo It seems the head of the heroes be reluctant to keep it I am excited, lying on the shoulders of Zheng Zhizhao, tears and runny nose like water crashed desperately to flow. Your bitch is on my clothes Who is outside died Was holy night heard I seem to feel the door of heaven open to me. Keda knock knocking Hearing the holy night step by step approached fidget cube thingiverse the window fidget cube amazon footsteps, I and Zheng Zhaoxao scared pale, exchanged a farewell look, cold sweat, like rain, like the brush down to drip. Oh, my brother, I I do not feel well In the holy night out of hand, ready to pull the window when the holy Iraq suddenly cough up loudly. Holy night paused, then turned to pilgrimage to Iraq went. Call I saved and Zheng Zhi Zhao wiped a sweat on the forehead Little Iraq, how do you Where uncomfortable ah Holy Night worriedly asked softly. Well, my chest felt a little boring St. fidget cube diy Iraq said paused, the br.tition Heard the holy night of the questioning, the people around suddenly all quiet down, like a pickled cucumber, like bowed his head. Holy night president I m sorry Song Yun Er gently sobbing Song Yun Er with a wiping tears, because you have not yet appeared, we have to request the Organizing Committee to change our order of appearance, but the organizing committee said no Sufficient reason why we do not approve our request The result Song Yoon children hear the words, holy night suddenly wide eyed, eyes flashing in desperately. Song Yun children worried raised his eyes looked desperately gasped, shaking the whole body of the holy night, head down, with a small voice than mosquitoes prevaricate. In the end we were disqualified from this competition general high school won What Song Yoon children heard the fidget cube seagreen words, St. night suddenly shocked by the same, whole body suddenly startled, his eyes a vast expanse of white, We lost How could this be Song Yoon children heard the words, I was surprised to loudly asked, I have not told the snow, holy night food poisoning, an accident it This reason is not enough What Song Yun Er and water Linglong looked fidget cube quartz at me shocked, and looked at the side of the stunned Jiang Xueyin, St. night president of food poisoning We simply do not know this thing 5 Let us go to see the holy night president We are the fidget cube seagreen students of Maple High School We are holy night FANS simply wait for me, Chibi loyalty pulled out to him to see what happens. I saw one side of the anger of Zheng Zhizhao, bluntly threw a look at his eyes, continue to sacrifice their lives to the holy night horse kill chickens. Author s Note horse kill chicken means massage. Envy the heroes took the holy night of the ass it Wa hahaha La la la to be able to shoot on the holy night of this millennium frozen stinking stone ass, we can see the heroes of the rapid progress in skill ah Ha ha ha ha Brother well I also want to give me a small Chuibei St. Yi flapping big eyes, look enviously watching the holy night. Well, one will let Yi Lin Xi give you hammer. what. But also to St. Iraq hammer. Alas Smelly Holy Night Give you color you open the house ah. When I was your call girl. Oh Ha ha ha No problem No problem Holy night president of the order I will be sure to hear Linxi Although the heart in the shouted abuse, but I still hard out of the face of a smile desperately nodded. Ooo, ooo I really do not really easy when the heroes ah hateful I hammer I hammer I hammer Chuichui Well, yes, you can Smelly stone finally agreed to let me end the work of this small servant spread out is really detrimental to the heroes face ah call A whole stinking fidget cube seagreen stone hammer for two hours I kept dumping his arm to relax fidget cube seagreen There is no mistake ah This heroes, but just from the unconscious stage to wake u.

Fidget Cube Seagreen the janitor in the back with me and Zheng Zhizhao, his face was like a splashed gloomy Black ink, Kacha look to us in the door. Uncle, and so on Into the door of the St. Iraq surprised and quickly folded back, Uncle, the two of them are my friends Friends Uncle heard the words of St. Iraq, was shocked, St. night president, how can you make friends with the public enemy of Maple High School Demon D high school on the hazards and destruction of Maple, you do not know, we Absolutely can not tolerate the two scourges in the school for all kinds of evil ah Hey Dead old man What the scourge of the scourge You said enough is not ah Zheng Zhizhao finally could not resist, and lying on the iron gate on the gatekeeper uncle screaming angrily, tell you, we are today To investigate the clues of the devil D, to prove our innocence Uncle heard Zheng Zhizhao, then burst into a burst of laughter, Well I am in Maple Leaf high school library for decades when the janitor, and you say is true or false, do not I listen to not Come out In this case, then you put us into ah I anxious, along with Zheng Zhizhao lying on the iron gate ghost shouting ghosts. it is good What Good Ah Before we return to God, uncle brush friends look at the iron gate opened There is no mental preparation of me and Zheng Zhizhao, a center of gravity instability, splash and the ground came a love KISS. You two small things, today I fidget cube 3d printer look at the holy night president s face, let you come in Fenglin.are in pursuit of fugitives Sorry, sorry, we ll just leave, Zheng Zhizhao, Yi Linxi, you two bastards waiting for me Thump thump Listen to the footsteps of the outside, the monster army should have gone far away I finally relieved. Alas, in front of the heroes waiting for what. 5 Emergency meeting, emergency meeting Come here collection I take advantage of lunch break, the use of this heroes strong means of communication, the ball three and Zheng Zhizhao called to discuss capture magic plan Snow, since you are so fortunate to be met by the heroes on the extraordinary to allow you to attend this confidential fidget cube nederland meeting I directed at the road just met Jiang Yin snow, revealing the heroes of the most proud smile. The so called people more power, can not let any drop of available wisdom. Is not everyone to collect firewood, fire have to burn a little higher. Although the heroes have high IQ, but they can be the top three stinkers a Zhuge Liang it. Wa hahaha Boss I have not eaten lunch Side of the dumplings touched his stomach, trembling voice complained Road. Boss matter, or your stomach Before I answer, Xiaoqiang to pre empt my voice. Yes good you really promising kid ah Wow ha ha ha I laughed and patted Xiaoqiang s head. Yi Linxi You start it In my triumphant time, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly jumped in front of me. Know it Noisy dead I opened a block in front of me Zheng Zhizhao, stared at him stare. This kid actually ignore my anger.