Fidget Cube Springgreen t Yi Linxi just so rude, do you want to shield her Kou Sha has been angry eyes almost to explode, but hard to suppress the anger watching the holy night. I m sorry, just over Lin Yi I m sorry. I am sorry Holy night he actually would say I m sorry. But also for me God I I am dizzy I have completely do not understand the I hung in the air, can not believe in looking at the holy night, just like seeing a bolt from the blue sky Kou Sha looked holy night, trembling with anger, covered with anger burned red. Woo holy night president, Yi Lin Xi last night to Puxiu high school steal, and today I make a fool of public, can it be said that all this depends on your I m sorry three words can be solved That President Kou Sha want to do Holy night really worthy of the heroes of the closure of the millennium iceberg man in Kou Sha burned a mountain so high in front of anger, is still not wrinkled eyebrows look, just like a cat is playing the same temper. I want to how Heard the holy night of the questioning, Kou Sha suddenly eyes lit up, As long as the holy night opening of the mouth, then I will bluntly, as long as you put the drawings and keys to my custody, I On the past without letting go. Dream. Kou Sha s voice has also declined, the Holy Night will not hesitate to throw out the two as hard as a stone word, the Kou Sha smashed face straight cramps, only as the top ten provinces of Xinghua One o.why this guy with this despised look at me ah. Well you are so superficial. A sentence from the nose light hum out into my ears. I praise you, you say I am superficial I call you, you have to hit my head You in the end how to ah I angrily jumped up from the ground against the holy night of the Ears cried. Holy night did not pay attention to me, gently took a sigh of relief, from the seat to stand up and went to the window, hand to open the window. I will win because I have a reason for not winning. Why do you Why do you still ask me if you are so confident Oh good excitement Just as I was angry St. night angry, drama club s door, squeaky sound was pushed open, a fat old pier of the white haired old buy a fidget cube man with a big beer belly, a shake came in Huh This fat old man is not the last night in the Holy Night s student president s office to see the principal it Ah is the principal How come you so late St. Leng Lengle, quickly trotted toward the fat old man walked past. Oh Oh Oh I did not come too much time, disturbing you this Fenglin high school famous couple quarrel Maple High School famous couple I and holy night one, scared almost did not put the teeth are sprayed. Hey, old man What are you here nonsense ah What is my name and Holy Night is a famous couple ah We are well known enemy is almost I angrily rushed to the principal side, crossed the waist and said loudly. Holy Holy Night disapproval of white at me. Oh Ha h.

only green beans, thieves smiled and touched the head. Oh, yes, ah, that wears the clothes of the neuropathy Mung bean eyes with his arm stabbed red and red radish nose, Anyway, you have already beaten his meal outlet ah, now ah, we please this beautiful The little girl to play with us together boom Hear the words of two rogue, I was like in the same mine, the scalp while numb You just said that the stupid boy is now where I cried anxiously. Huh Little girl, do you know that stupid kid Red nose rogue pick Tiaomei looked at me, But, that kid looks also quite handsome, quite like the star St. holy fidget cube springgreen night Is your boyfriend Tell me where he is fidget cube springgreen I screamed angrily. Do not give you some color you open the dyers ah Actually dare to speak to us Want to like ah Ah Rogue voice also decline, heel will leave the ground. I tightly grabbed the fidget cube feldspar rogue collar, ferocious staring eyes, whole body like the volcano erupted like magma, desperately out from the head to take. You give me another nonsense I ll let you look good What This smelly girl is too arrogant Brothers Give her some color to see it is good Rogue shouting, picked up his fist toward me rushed over not good If it is a person, the heroes can cope, but if it is two people together on the Wind I eyeball drops yo a turn, suddenly crouched down, from the rogue play arm drilled in the past Slipping past them in the direction they had just walked. Woo If I do not judge the wrong.raceful things, because even so the victory is the biggest failure because Yi Linxi very impolite manner, I would like to apologize to you in the name of the President of the Fenglin High School Student Association, and I will ask her to write a written review to General Education after returning to Maple High School. Holy night here suddenly paused, the voice suddenly lowered down But if anyone wants to hurt anyone in Maple High by slanderizing and throwing mud, I am the president of the student council of Maple High School, absolutely not allowed Shine shine At this point, the sun has climbed to the zenith, the sun shines without shade on the holy night of the body, holy night, the whole body shining dazzling golden light A gust of wind blowing, set off the amount of holy night before the hair, holy night like a majestic king, like inviolability Well, you think you say so, we will believe you Has been holy see through the conspiracy of Kou Sha, Buyiburao shouted. Kou Sha Holy Night turned to face, staring Kou Sha blankly, You dare to play with me a gamble What what bet If this time drama tournament, we who lost, who would resign the president of the student union. Resigned as president of the office Watching the holy night firm expression of self confidence, Kou Sha began to feel guilty, the sound suddenly dropped a few decibels, the chest burning flames of anger began to shake up the fidget cube rosybrown flame bet on the gambling High school, this tim.him good looking Humph Just when my heart desperately struggling to take the opportunity to escape, the purple people suddenly come up with a pair of cards from the cloak handed me in front. This is the Tarot card Today I use this to help you calculate the fortune Tarot Purple people did not bother my eyes, self serving to me according to his request out of the card on the table put on a strange formation, and then opened one by one. Call wonderful this fate is too wonderful Wonder There What is wrong with the place I heard the words purple people, I am curious to ask. Well little girl thorns wrapped in roses, Gemini in the protection of staggered, fidget cube dimensions can be traced to the first pious happiness Woo the Supreme, you say too deep, and the heroes do not understand it Trouble you clear that good or bad I have some crazy to scratch his head and said. You will understand little girl, as long as you follow your own soul, I believe you will make the best choice Follow your own mind Finally, there is a sentence of this hero Daoshi listen to understand, and that is why they want to chant But so also Little girl purple people see me still hesitated to look hesitantly, from his fingers off a ring to me, This ring you receive well, he will bring you lucky Oh I took the ring and sat by the light of the candle and looked right to see. Woo in the ligh.

Fidget Cube Springgreen a woman Oh Oh I have nowhere to hide my bite the bullet Clear the throat, this heroes fidget cube springgreen line does not change its name, sit do not change the name I am Fenglin fidget cube springgreen high school jade tree, the gods are Yang Yi Lin Xi Absolutely not what demon D I am the devil heroes This heroes have been reported on the name, misunderstanding to lift it Now time is not early, I ll leave Castle does not change, green water, we will have a period of it Oh Oh I smiled and gently pulled the dragged Kou Sha grabbed the collar, want to escape. However, Kou Sha did not put this heroes release of the idea, still tightly grabbing me and hold. Alas This guy in the end want to do Stonewall than that stinky stone even harder Kou Sha was staring blankly at me, with his sharp eyes shining fidget cube kickstarter with coldness A squeaky voice drifted from the side of his cocked lips and made a hissing sound, which sounded like a poisonous serpent laughing at his prey Wow good terrible This this heroes aspect rivers and lakes for decades, but also or the first time encountered such a terrible opponent I feel as if he just move a finger, you can put me crush Since you are Fenglin high school Yi Linxi, then there is no wrong. Kou Sha said in a hoarse voice, my monkey mask thrown to the ground, even the maple high school people say you are Devil D, I have no reason to believe it I have long admired your name it Oh Hey Please do not you hear a little grapevine message no.he high school students Fenglin. I am very sorry for the drama competition I sincerely accept all the blame and criticism given to me, and I have to resign from the position of President of the Student Union in accordance with the agreement with President Kou Sha. But I will not give up.I said, must let Maple High School in fidget cube retail price the drama ten fight for the first Holy night president Fenglin high school students raised his head was depressed depressed, surprised to see the eyes of a firm St. holy night. Wahaha Holy night, you have to dying fidget cube springgreen it Lost is lost No matter how sophistry are useless Shut up. What Kou Sha opened his eyes wide and looked at the holy night shot toward him to the cold eyes, involuntary body called a chill. Holy night turned, took a deep breath, looking calm and said You Fenglin high school students, this time we really lost the game, but just as we have seen in the bulletin board news, as Fenglin high school this time the failure, both may lead to let us unacceptable Tragedy but, do we have to admit defeat because of these The Chapter of Death Holy night president buy the fidget cube Ooo ooo Sad is inevitable, regret the night is inevitable, but more importantly, we can not be so dejected At this time, for us, more important than frustration and regret it is not united as one to save us The drama club, save our school Holy Night is my vertigo Moment, I seem to see him as a towering mountain, majestic I and Fen.