Fidget Cube Target heng Zhizhao quarrel was severe, holy night suddenly a minefield, we scared a bomb later Uh just look at the quarrel with the idiot lamp head, actually completely forgot the holy night still next I watched the holy night, holding a straight clap of the two big fist, abruptly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. According to the professional and professional insight of the heroes of the analysis, the two fists implied the value of the grudge is definitely more than 9,999 points It is very thunderbolt ah I thought, not consciously touched his neck still alive in the fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety for children and adults head. You two all this is really the two of you do Iraq will become like this you are the two victims Holy Night head down, like the sound of the sea like a dark stone ,deep. Small Iraq Holy Night is the coma that he. No, no, it s not really the two of us I leaned back as I continued to struggle, I swear, if I had done such a shabby thing hack Pilipala boom Wow what happened Also really thunder Do not even believe me, God. woo woo woo woo A thriller of lightning across the window, the wind outside the window the more fierce, the curtains of the French windows are simply opened, the white light of the dark room to see a pale. Cold white light map in holy night cloudy face, so he looks like just drilled out of hell, like the devil I and Cheng Chih chao like two cats into a dead end of the mouse, his face livid holding tightly, the upper and lo.are in pursuit of fugitives Sorry, sorry, we ll just leave, Zheng Zhizhao, Yi Linxi, you two bastards waiting for me Thump thump Listen to the footsteps of the outside, the monster army should have gone far away I finally relieved. Alas, in front of the heroes waiting for what. 5 Emergency meeting, emergency meeting Come here collection I take advantage of lunch break, the use of this heroes strong fidget cube store means of communication, the ball three and Zheng Zhizhao called to discuss capture magic plan Snow, since you are so fortunate to be met by the heroes on the extraordinary to allow you to attend this confidential meeting I directed at the road just met Jiang Yin snow, revealing the heroes of the most proud smile. The so called people more power, can not let any drop of available wisdom. Is not everyone to collect firewood, fire have to burn a little higher. Although the heroes have high IQ, but they can be the top three buy fidget cube antsy labs stinkers a Zhuge Liang it. Wa hahaha Boss I have not eaten lunch Side of the dumplings touched his stomach, trembling voice complained Road. Boss matter, or your stomach Before I answer, Xiaoqiang to pre empt my voice. Yes good you really promising kid ah Wow ha ha ha I laughed and patted Xiaoqiang s head. Yi Linxi You start it In my triumphant time, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly jumped in front of me. Know it Noisy dead I opened a block in front of me Zheng Zhizhao, stared at him stare. This kid actually ignore my anger.

some hesitant holy night, proudly laughed, the facts can not be argued On this black note The same time, the same location, we caught the devil D, that is, Yi Lin Xi And her own admission to the high school is to find an important general of the fidget cube target drawings Holy Night wistfully looked at the belly of the air Kou Sha, frowning did not speak. Well, in our general high school, and now the most important thing is to participate in some of the top ten competition tournament internal confidential information Because we Puxiu this time, you will be down you Fenglin high school Kou Sha said, suddenly The face of the Holy Night in front of the eyes, narrowed the eyes of a crack, St. night president you say, Yi Lin Xi will not steal us to steal the high school secrets of confidential information Holy night with oblique eyes, white Kou Sha a, face expressionless said I beg your pardon to keep your head away from me. A little further Your saliva is on my face. See ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha See Kou Sha angrily flushed look, I like gyro holding the laughing sour stomach on the floor desperately roll. Yi Linxi Do not go too far Do not forget here, but the general high school Kou Sha angry face became a big liver, rushing to grab my collar, a carry me up. I stared, Leng Leng looked Kou Sha angrily red face brow wrinkled into a eight , the nose wrinkled into a three , eyes and nostrils into four O , the nose But also desperately slammed out of th.ind. Wind A burst of biting cold wind blowing a few pieces of withered maple leaves blowing from front of me, I stare at the cold wind shivering in the Lincheng News , the nose has flowed down. So our school final exam also finished Chong ah ah ah ah ah ah My head blank for a few seconds, recovered, do not want to want to close your eyes to the teacher s office rushed past Bang Lang I just kicked the teacher s office to open the door, going to ask Zhang teacher final examinations, Zhang teacher will not head back and grabbed the pointer on the table. Zhang Zhangshi, the final exam ah , Toward my face hard to play over Yi Lin Xi you stinky girl really mad at me ah ah ah ah Wow ah ah ah ah ah Zhang teacher how to become your face like a ghost Good horror Good horror ah I was scared to clutching his whip was swollen like a bun like the face, brush La La Desperately to the office door retreat Yi Linxi mid term exam you test the two hundred and fidget cube target fifty have no problem the final exam you actually dare to come you eat bear heart leopard gallbladder ah Zhang Yue said more and more angry, The hair is about to be anger to burn, see your transcripts Seven total score zero My God How can I teach you a student like this Teacher Zhang I do not have the heart to look at the side of the side crying desperately stamp the floor with the teacher Zhang, carefully spit out the tongue. Wow ha.them dry gentle Holy Night said, fidget cube target We cast a bunch of trust in the eyes. Right and right I and Zheng Zhizhao moved to his eyes suffused with tears, desperately nod. Even if it was not for them to do it, they did not do anything bad, said the holy night of the stinking stone face. In short, you will never be close to them in the future. But my brother, they are my friends gentle holy night sad flapping his eyes, stubbornly staring at the stinking stone face holy night. When I once again saw two identical faces in front of me quarreling, my mind seems to be touched by a certain organ, as a picture of the ups and downs flooded up Do not be stunned, hurry up Danger here You look so beautiful, are not you You see, your face is red, and blush means you like it Pull her out feed the pigs Tonight you are beautiful If I fail, I will leave the post of president of the student union. In fact I really do not like the feeling of fleeting, really annoying In fact, all along, my dream is to become a good actor, but for me, this dream is too far away So I heard you want to participate in drama club, I like Their participation in the same happy Chaos chaos My brain is completely chaotic Er two two holy night president, I I can ask Look at the two holy night, I finally could not help but risking the question. Asked. Stinking stone face holy night cold stare at me, impatiently f.

Fidget Cube Target Extremely lucky, the north wind along the window did not shut tight sewn into the curtains, set off a corner. Zheng Zhizhao and I carefully squatted down, tightly attached to the terrace wall, just to hear the voice of the room to speak. My brother you do not blame the small Greek She was really dangerous, I jumped into the water to save her Can not be wrong wrong This This is indeed the voice of St. Iraq So, he fidget cube target has been all right. Wow wow wow Great St. Iraq nothing St. Iraq nothing ah Hum ooo It seems the head of the heroes be reluctant to keep it I am excited, lying on the shoulders of Zheng Zhizhao, tears and runny nose like water crashed desperately to flow. Your bitch is on my clothes Who is outside died Was holy night heard I seem to feel the door of heaven open to me. Keda knock knocking Hearing the holy night step by step approached the fidget cube ebay canada window footsteps, I and Zheng Zhaoxao scared pale, exchanged a farewell look, cold sweat, like rain, like the brush down to drip. Oh, my brother, I I do not feel well In the holy night out of hand, ready to pull the window when the holy Iraq suddenly cough up loudly. Holy night paused, then turned to pilgrimage to Iraq went. Call I saved and Zheng Zhi Zhao wiped a sweat on the forehead Little Iraq, how do you Where uncomfortable ah Holy Night worriedly asked softly. Well, my chest felt a little boring St. Iraq said paused, the br.d velvet like rugs. Luxury it is too extravagant Zheng Zhi Zhao standing in front of a bookcase, while watching the books on the shelves, while directed at me disdain hum hum. I want to fight it I angrily rolled up the sleeves, teeth, bite, ready to rush to Zheng Zhi Zhao made a Yi Lin Xi iron fist rocket launcher. Chi chiu, small Greek is right, here is indeed the most beautiful place of the entire high school maple. St. I see and Zheng Zhi Zhao will fight, and quickly stopped me, where the shelves are plated with a Layer of platinum, the ceiling and the walls of the murals, are invited to the painter of the various countries here live painting the entire Xinghua Province, there is no more than a more luxurious library fidget cube target here. But the small St., why Maple High School to make it so luxurious ah Is the library only, will not be too extravagant ah I am fidget cube dimgray confused to look at the holy Iraq asked. St. Eyes bent, smiled at me brilliantly. Well, at first I felt this way too, but my brother told me that in this library there were manuscripts of famous writers from all over the world, as well as classical script plays by students at Fenglin High School, Very precious things.Fenglin high school founded a hundred years, has always been known in the drama fidget cube greenyellow of the country. St. Iraq said, turned around fidget cube a vinyl desk toy and looked around, can say here is the essence of the entire Maple High School Where the Oh So it was Zheng Zhi Zhao and.