Fidget Cube Whitesmoke ply to say the answer. Heard the demon D these three words, all of us involuntarily covered in a chilled That footsteps are demon D Woo think about it, indeed there is such a possibility If it is his words, then demon D is now perhaps in the Maple Lane Wow ha ha ha ha Wow ha ha ha ha Just when I think of this, the devil at the top of the stone suddenly came a burst of strange laughter Demon D All of us invariably raised his head, facing the place where the sound came screaming horror. Brush it Dim light, we saw the devil stone across a silver arc, and then a burst of rapid pace towards the depths of the footsteps of Maple Lin Maple again quiet down, only a group of distant scared the crow fluttering wings quack barking. All of us like the point of the same point as a motionless standing in situ, looking livid to see the top of the stone stone demon. I am I dreaming We just saw the devil D. 2 Little Greek, you determine the last time the devil D is to open the cabinet St. Iraq pointed to the cabinet in front asked in a low voice. Well, I m sure, I nodded affirmatively. We saw the demon stone in the red maple forest, and then secretly came to the devil D has come to the second address drama club office. The voice in the maple is really demon D Sounds like a woman s voice Why do I feel like a boy s voice Alas like boys and girls must be a Simon Snapped Snapped Snapped I angrily turned around.on D harm the heroes bear so many inexplicable charges, even if you do not say, I will take him Give it out Pana La La St. I heard my words, excitement straight shot slap. Little Greek Hello brave, good Oh Do not worry, I will help fidget cube sale you find the devil D St. Iraq said flapping a bit shiny big eyes, small stars like a firecracker, like the excitement of straight to the eyes Outside jump. St. Eve s eyes flashed when he heard St. Little Iraq, you forget what I just said it Within a month, you can not go out. brother Obedient Holy night hard to finish, the line of sight turned to us, tonight I will not open things out. Really Thank you ah Hei hei I am happy to rub the rub with the nose. But, holy night looked at me contemptuously, you can not tell me that Saint and I are twins. I do not matter to shrugged his shoulders, easily said Unless it is a small holy want me to tell you the secret, or I will not say Little hope St. turned his head, eyes looked at fidget cube enjoy me complex. And one more thing and also I looked up a few impatiently holy night. When did this guy become so long winded Holy night looked at the holy Iraq, and then fiercely stare at me and Zheng Zhizhi stare. From now on, you are not allowed to approach St. verse, and if he is hurt again, you are dead Ah, that if we did not mean it I asked in horror. Death, answered the Holy Night firmly. If it is a small St. accidentally hurt by it Zheng Zhaow then asked. Still die, holy night still did not wan.

ly poor I almost half a month s time did not eat meat, the recent feeling of a serious shortage of physical strength, and today the heroes must make up a good fill Woo love to eat King meal girl, you actually dare to The boss holding a rolling pin, murderous came out from the kitchen. Yi Linxi, the thin as beef jerky boss is talking to you Your name is really more ah Zheng Zhizhao pointing to the boss behind him, casually said. Pound The forehead on the forehead, like a pair of chopsticks straight like a straight eyebrows and a long horizontal, raised his head against the head is a stick Zhizhao Zhao Boy, do not think I m 78 years old on the deafness, what you say I can hear clearly Zheng Zhizhao fidget cube whitesmoke clutching was uplifted a hill bag head shouted, the trio has long been chopsticks Mei boss s momentum scared face blue. Wow haha Boss Your spirit is still so good Business is also very good I scratch my head a week looking around the store is not large, but the guests sat full of Dengdeng Overlord snacks, red boss put up a large thumb. Well Little long winded Today, if you eat King meal, you look good Heman said the boss, a good length of the column of the menu thrown into the middle of the table. No problem Today I bring four fidget cube on sale people, they will pay for it I laughed hehe, pointed to the next few people. The boss squinted at me, nose snorted, turned and went to the kitchen to prepare. Hey, bulb head Your wonderful plan Quickly said ah I see Zh.rise to Couguolian carefully took a look. I am proud to lift some of the fingers in the air waved. This is a purple robes of the Supreme gave the heroes, and said to be able to bring luck to the heroes The purple robes of the Supreme Hear my words, St. Yi and Zheng Zhizhao confusedly blinked his eyes. Well, the Supreme said he is a diviner, yes, he also helped me to use the Tarot card divination that day Say what rose, staggered Gemini Staggered Gemini Hear my words, St. suddenly Iraq whole body startled, replied complexly softly I just said. Huh Small St. you Ah not good Just when I want to say something, the car suddenly heard the driver in front of a fidget cube for stress relief loud cry Rumbling rumbling Before we fidget cube desk toy amazon come to understand how the matter, with a loud noise, the whole body suddenly turned to the right side of the doubled My whole person was suddenly thrown to the glass, the body of the most body suddenly sank down bad A car accident When I came to understand how the matter, I almost all the blood coagulation Help ah ah ah ah ah Wow ah ah ah ah ah At this point, the entire compartment has been chaotic into a ball, screams, crying, so I had been confused into a soft brain now almost completely collapse Little hope Yi Linxi Little St. Panic, I seem to hear the Shengyi and Zheng Zhizhao s cry, I was about to open their eyes to find them Bang Suddenly, a hard thing to fall down, impartial hit in my head what How suddenly a lot of stars in front fidget cube plum o.t a The white candle was placed on a table in front of him. Who Who said I was afraid of this heroes, but audacious How do you know what I thought I said, I am a diviner 6 you do not believe it can come to see ah, I can help you calculate your fortune You can really help me But this hero is now penniless I pout my mouth some hesitation toward the front of the purple people. Oh Oh, and does not matter Come on let us meet the fate of Although the heart is still scared barking, but my feet have been involuntarily pulled me in front of the purple people. Come come some Purple people like a terrorist out of terror as a finger, gently hooked at me, his command seems to have what magic, even though my heart is not 9 million points Willing, but the body is still uncontrollable toward the direction of purple people moved past. Little girl, first of all to answer my question What is your name this heroes line does not change its name, sit do not change the name I I am called Yi Linxi Yi Linxi Oh, really a good name then you are in which schools to study it Fenglin high school Fenglin high school Well it seems that you should be Should be me What does that mean. He he would not want to ask the origin of the first heroes, and then kidnapped me like it Alas If this is the case, the heroes must will give.

Fidget Cube Whitesmoke crowded three story outside the three tier. What happened again How this heroes do not know the reason Get out of here, this hero I dug around the bulletin board in a large mass of dark mass. Desperately to the direction of the bulletin board squeeze. Woohoo a lot of people. And finally pushed the crowds in front of me, forced out of breath. Wiped a sweat on his forehead, looked up God how could this be Classroom bulletin board so much blackboard was cut off the paste was full, that did not leave a gap I stared at the clippings on the bulletin board. I felt the brain waves of faint. Hongfeng City Morning Post Drama strong school Fenglin high school in this drama ten strong preliminary game was eliminated Red Maple City newspaper Fenglin high school tragedy is the president of the holy night students. Star Province Daily Fenglin high school was eliminated Maple shareholders despair ready to divest Hongfeng City Entertainment News Popular idol holy night Maple was eliminated out of the culprit Ah divestment how could this My God Is Maple High fidget cube for sale amazon School really going to close down I do not want it Ooo, ooo See these reports, the students wail is also heard one after another. Suddenly, my mind is also a partial chaos. It seems this time Maple High School in the top ten tournament drama fiasco, the final result is far less than I imagined so simple. If Maple High School really closed down, it is all Holy Night s fault I.think although not all blame holy night president, but he as president fidget cube whitesmoke of the student council, is the drama club president, how to say there can not shirk responsibility Ah I also think so These guys, previously not the most holy night support it How all of a sudden on the defection. But also hard to catch up with yesterday s holy night I want to speak out to refute, I suddenly heard people to the most peripheral came a thunderous roar Quiet, no more nonsense here I turned around with the people around, looked in the direction of the sound came in the past water Linglong Turned out to be her. King Kong looked angry look filled with the way, the first time I think she seems not so annoying. After all, heroes are to respect the sense of obligation people ah Let go Delicate water led the law enforcement team of several monster boys, angrily squeezed into the crowd, went to the front of the bulletin board. Woo these clippers who posted here Delicate water swept a newspaper bulletin board clippings, turned around and yelled fidget cube whitesmoke at the students onlookers. Huh Is it not student stickers fidget cube whitesmoke out of it Yeah the news on the regular bulletin board is not always the responsibility of the students of the student union fidget cube whitesmoke Hearing the exquisite water asked, the students are all two monks scratched his head. Washed Delicate water took a deep breath, turned and waved the bear s paw like the big hand clippers all brush pull to tear.