Order A Fidget Cube ress, and killed me Ooo I looked at the wood, frowned. Hey, what are you three aircraft in the ah Why not speak to the mouth Wooden plaque you think he is the RANDOM Panda Dad ah Brush it Boss, you have a calamity, do not go out today, in the bedroom to hide a hide it I have a calamity I looked at the wooden plaque confused Xiaoqiang. This guy s face is very serious, does not look like a joke with me What the hell are you doing, one by one The school is everywhere denounced the announcement of the devil D, said the demon D threatened to destroy the student president holy night. What How could this be See the words on the wooden squid, my head, Om to a ring. But the holy night is not to assure me that he will not last night things made public Is that that guy is lying to me. Think of here, anger burning my forehead straight red. We now think you are the boss of the devil D, said to clear the scourge of Maple High School Yi Lin Xi. Maple High School of the scourge Yi Linxi Wow yeah These guys head is tofu do. No basis without basis, on what basis that I am the devil D, actually dare to the heroes somehow buckle charges Really mad at me I do not have to write I raised my hand angrily, to prevent the gang to continue to write down fidget cube mediumspringgreen on the wooden plaque, I am easy to Lin Xi is the most annoying is wronged, I will not because of this A little thing to be scared off Boss Hello heroic Boss You are our idol Boss I want to eat glutino.h whisper Somebody is coming what. Someone. Zheng Zhizhao s voice just down, the three of us Qi Shuashua Di bowed his head, completely hidden behind the flower beds. I read to the warehouse the morning, Yi Linxi still inside the same sleep with the pig Simply do not know has been imminent Hey We are now taking her to the podium, and today we must give the guy in Maple High School, a beating Well, let s go Blah Blah Listening to the two guys just to speak footsteps gradually gone, the three of us carefully re explored out of the head. Call ah good insurance Fortunately, has escaped, and just listen to the tone of the two guys, as if to drag the heroes to kill the same heaven Yi Lin Yi, see how you go after the thank me order a fidget cube Zheng Zhizhao pick eyebrows, triumphantly looked at me. I cut down the voice of hum, with disapproval to Pielepiezui Pakistan. I do not want you to eat it brush Uh Zheng Zhizhao the fool that the heroes of the words will not take it seriously, right Just finally recover the normal face, one second and became red I shook his head at him regretfully, turned around and continued to observe the Kou Sha order a fidget cube on the podium, found a difficult to detect sneer floating in fidget cube design his mouth. Today, in our new semester opening ceremony came a very special guests is the legendary demon D, but fidget cube for stress and anxiety also to Fenglin high school headache Yi Linxi Demon D Not right Is the legendary demon D Demon D is the high school students of Maple How to get to our.

ig call. Wow Do not hammer it Very painful Zheng Zhizhao angrily screamed, Do you know that you are also heavier than pigs ah Nonsense Hurry to me, or I ll beat you You stinky girl, so to speak of the savior Yi Linxi Zheng Zhizhao Seize you, you are dead Wow To catch up Zheng Zhizhao Leopard speed Panther speed ah Zheng Zhizhao suddenly a hard, facing the other side of the playground flew in the past, raised a slide behind the high smoke But the monster army also refused to yield, still tightly behind us Rumble Rumble Wow What s going on How is the playground shaking Ah Is there an earthquake The playground was raised by our dust choking desperately coughing classmates, looked at our back in horror. Run ah stop Alas Those guys really worthy of a monster, Zheng Zhaizhao has been running face turned white, actually still can not give them to get rid of. Female toilet We quickly fled into the female toilet I suddenly had an idea, facing the Zheng Zhizhao cried. Zheng Zhizhao What female toilet Yi Lin Xi, you want to hurt me At this time urgency Zheng Zhizhao panting frowned, dissatisfied. I said that fled into the female toilet, that several monsters are boys, and certainly embarrassed into the female toilets So that we are safe ah Wow wow I really is too smart I am talking about this masterpiece good , while could not help but put up their thumbs. Bastard Do I not a boy yet Zheng Zhizhao angrily screamed. Uh I really forgot about it Wow Lakes.Yin behind me to fill the sentence. I know I looked back impatiently barely. Alas Student guys have poison in the holy night How one by one is this pair of virtues, the rule of law order a fidget cube all day long. Hey, shrimp brother, I am a high school fidget cube lightskyblue Yi Lin Lin Feng, I would like you to put that hair ball back to me I was dancing in front of the dance is playing Huan Mi loudly said. Is not a hair ball is a hedgehog Jiang Xue Yin carefully explained in the back. Shrimp heard my voice, the old do not want to stop, turned around and looked at me, girl, you really have the courage, is your boss holy night president met with the I do not dare to speak so arrogantly That s because he s stupid, I said, still smiling. What Xia Mi heard my answer, first to anger, and nasty to provoke the mouth, Feng Lin s student president is a fool, then you you Fenglin people not all of them Stupid to the earth upside down Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha You even dare to curse the heroes Today, let you experience the powerful Maple forest heroes See trick I screamed on the rushed up. Do not know where to rush out of a group of boys gathered in all directions over a row in front of the shelves in the shrimp. Two strong men led by the tightly grabbed my arm, so I could not move. Shrimp came in front of me, toward the two Zhuang man made a wink, the two Zhuangnan put me volley carry her up. You you bastard How do you teach you the boss Dare to the hands of this hero Ha ha ha, my.autiful. order a fidget cube Xiaoqiang looked up and down I circle, pointing to a shop next to, Here are very popular things Oh, I heard a lot of stars like it. Oh This heroes can never be out of fashion circles ah Before I started, it was the first to promote the shop, which is really a lot of glittering East. Huh This ring, a personality, I order a fidget cube like A carved vintage European style ring in the window of a corner, attracted my attention. No You want to wear this Zheng Zhizhao unthinking to jump out, holding a tacky home pearl necklace in front of Akira Akira. Bulb head, you really have aesthetic talent where to purchase fidget cube ah I am surrounded by arms squinting looked Zheng Zhizhao, I will not wear dead Boss boss, things are ready Zheng Zhizhao not angry, rice balls and squid ran over, carrying a large bag of things in hand. Chocolate, cosmetic bags, eye drops, handkerchief, perfume There is a stone. This stone is doing ah I took in the hand weigh a bit, really enough weight Used to give the old, old ambassador bitter, Kulu dollars what When necessary But also to make bitter meat count. I heroes ah This group of pigs head, let me use this old trick, really invincible Target appears Xiaoqiang called, everyone has increased their vigilance. The following to see you, remember you shoulder the glorious and great mission Zheng Zhizhao patted my shoulder, put all the props handed in my hand, a wave, We withdraw Boss all things carefully Ball three group gently called one, followed by Zheng Z.

Order A Fidget Cube r there Did not take long, St. Suddenly stopped and pulled me behind the cloak. How the little saint I turned to look at him confused, along the direction of his fingers looked at the past Huh So late actually there is a sneaky figure from a three storey building to come out Hey Is the general repair high school thieves Look, you see, that is where Woo again two people I turned to look at the other direction in the past and found a high and a low of the two figures are rushed to the building just walked. Yan Lin, the time is coming, I have to rush to the student union office, absolutely not let that bastard to succeed. Yes, President Kou Sha. Distance came the voice of those two low. My eyes suddenly bass to a light Huh. If I heard the wrong words, just two people say there will go to the student union office Strange, the two of them ran so late in the school why But it does not matter, anyway, as long as the two of them track, you can find the location of the student union office Wa hahaha What really can not find the shoes, have to not spend all effort Little St., balls trio Our devil action officially started it 2 Walk away I walk I took San Yi and the Gang of Three, carefully behind Kou Sha and Yan Lin behind, walked into a brown building, climb down the stairs layer by layer. Kou Sha president, you get the message accurately Silence has been quietly asked Lin suddenly asked. Kou Sha president Not right like that.ind. On the squid, I found that I forgot to bring a wallet, and today you buy a single, another day I also you Xiao Qiang patted deflated pockets said. Squid Lengle Leng, staring at Xiaoqiang. I, I did not bring soup, glutinous rice balls Five. Dumpling from his pocket and pulled out a note also dipped in melon seeds shells, Zheng Zhizhi it I do not count on me, my money ran out early Zheng Zhizhao carelessly lift the lift eyes, all the friends to look at all the brush at me. I I did fidget cube wiki not tell you long ago I have no money to treat you Brush it My voice just fell, that four guys actually ran quickly all run out of light Wow yeah yeah These bastards Do you want to leave this heroic account it. Never thought One hundred and fifty Do you pay for it Just when I want to slip, when the hand of the owner of chopsticks eyebrow suddenly tightly withheld my shoulder. Hum hum can not escape the tragic Scrub brush brush Scrub brush buy fidget cube kickstarter edition brush Wow Really mad at me That few guys left me to pay, chopsticks eyebrow boss decided to account with the old account, fine I have been there in the wash dishes have been washed now Now is 10 pm, ah Poor my fingers are soaked And cold cold and hunger is the feeling of it knew I started to eat something like Alas That a few bastards, next to see them, must give them a little color to see Ue le wo le le wo le le A burst of dynamic dance music blowing from the sandwiched heat, I looked up SU.